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July 29, 2013
Free IPv6 tunneling service launched in Hong Kong

Announced by the goIPv6 Consortium on July 11 2013, free IPv6 tunneling service was launched in Hong Kong, allowing users to experience the future of the Internet in an IPv6 environment.  As a member of goIPv6 Consortium, New Sky actively promotes the service and provides technical support.


Increase in demand of the Internet has led to depletion of IPv4 addresses and this makes adoption of IPv6 more relevant.  With the free IPv6 tunneling service, Hong Kong users will be able to connect to the IPv6 Internet through their existing IP v4 network connection.  With professional skillset & advanced hardware, New Sky is the choice partner for companies & organizations in upgrading to IPv6 network.  Additionally, for any technical issue occurred in the progress, New Sky is always prone to provide technical support.   

Should you have any query on IPv6, or in need of network solution, feel free to contact us on 3575 1777.


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