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April 16, 2013
New Sky promote「goIPv6」with industrial partners

As the IPv4 address becomes scarce, adopting IPv6 is an inevitable trend.  To help different internet users smoothly transfer to IPv6, New Sky participate in 「goIPv6」 project and provides technical support.

In order to support IPv4 & IPv6 at the same time based on existing infrastructure, special attention is needed for related facilities, operation systems, software, security policy and so forth.  Meanwhile, extra cost and influence on daily operation may not be avoided.
Therefore, New Sky, together with united colleagues, will make use of its professional knowledge and techniques, actively promote IPv6 to simplify and smoothen the transmission from IPv4 to IPv6 for network operators and corporates.  Particularly, SMEs will not fall behind large corporates when it comes to acknowledgement of updated technology. 
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