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Successful Cases
Commercial Radio Interactive - Challenges in High Flow Rate

As a result of the launch of "Hong Kong Toolbar", has experienced tremendous increase of visits, causing occasional jam of the original system. Also, in order to cater the trend of broadcasting concerts on live, Commercial Radio Interactive decided to upgrade the existing system to meet new demands.

Rich China Industries Holdings Limited - Shorten the Distance Between Offices in Hong Kong & China

Mr. Yung, IT Manager of Rich China said, “The business scope of our company is expanding, and this involves lots of communications and information exchange between offices. The traditional communication methods like postage or fax could not share the information fully and accurately due to the time and color restrictions.” To enhance the communications network, Rich China will seek help from a reputable and reliable IT solutions company to provide an integrated solution service.

Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School - Prevent Loss of Confidential Data

New Sky helped Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School their existing hardware firewall to Juniper SSG 140 models, greatly improved stability of the network. Tai Po Sam Yuk Secondary School also reorganized permission and access rights to log on to the network. Low privileged accounts such as students enjoy a restricted network access, in order to protect the network security and prevent students browsing prohibited content in campus.

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